Alright. I study photography at school and a couple of weeks ago, we had to participate with a photography-contest called “contrast”. You could choose whatever you wanted: young-old, poor-rich, boy-girl, city-nature etc. I didn’t want something cliche and decided to show the contrast between someone who has self harm scars, and someone who hasn’t. No one of my class knows the left arm is mine, but I showed the picture to everyone to present it and I said that scars don’t have to define you. I thought everyone would be like “ew”, but everyone thought it was a really nice picture and I did a good job. They weren’t the only one who thought that though, because a week ago I got an email from the contest, saying I got more info this week. Yesterday I saw some pictures of the jury who were looking at the elected pictures, and guess what I saw? My picture. This photo is probably going to be exhibited in december, and I’m actually really proud of myself. I am not gloryfying anything, I do not think my scars are beautiful nor do I like them. I’m just not ashamed of them, and I don’t care what anyone else says about it. I only wanted to point out the contrast, because that were the intentions of the contest. So here it is, someone asked for me to post it. 

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Why do her eyes hold such sadness?Depression Blog✂


Why do her eyes hold such sadness?

Depression Blog

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